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Small Schools with Big Opportunities


ISD 2142 sets high expectations for students! Our teachers provide quality education through proven best practices. Our curriculum is based on the standards set by the Minnesota Department of Education with innovative initiatives such as Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI). You can be assured your child is receiving the best education we can provide.

ISD 2142 schools are the most technologically advanced schools in the area. With the newly constructed facilities students are able to learn through innovative programming such as Flex Wednesday and Project based learning. Personal learning plans are provided for each child assuring their educational success. Our Four-star Minnesota Early Childhood programming provides the step up children need to be successful in their education and eventual work place.

We strive to provide a place for your child to feel a sense of belonging, where there are teachers and staff that understand and will work with them to do their very best. We welcome you to join us!   If you are interested to talk with a Principal about enrolling your child in ISD 2142 schools please contact one of the following administrators at Our Schools or by calling 218-749-8130 to talk with an administrator about enrollment.

Tower-Soudan Welcomes Governor Dayton for Fishing Opener


Tower-Soudan Fourth Grade enjoying the preparations and fishing for the Governor’s Fishing Opener held in Tower this weekend.  They reported that the fishing was great and the weather didn’t seem to bother them at all.  Way to go!!

Flex Wednesday Fun in Northeast Range Elementary

 K-flex  Ryan-FLex-e1427984297172  3rd-grade-flex

For several months the elementary teachers have teamed up to create a fun, hands-on learning experience called “Flex Wednesday.” This flex time allows students to focus on all of the strands of mathematics: numbers and operation, algebra, statistics and probability, and data analysis. The students are able to work with different students and teachers that they may not get to work with during the regular school day.

This opportunity allows students to expand their learning and strengthen math knowledge, while allowing students to improve their communication and problem-solving skills as well.

Northwoods Art Students Visit Nett Lake Government Building Murals by Carl Gawboy

Gawboy murals_Nett LakeFunded by the Cultural Based Art Integration Program (CBAI), Northland high school students had the incredibly opportunity to meet local Ojibwe artist and legend, Carl Gawboy. Carl Gawboy’s murals capture the beautiful essence of Minnesota Ojibwe myths, legends, stories and narratives in the form of visual art. Gawboy brought students along a narrative journey, sharing some traditional Ojibwe lessons and teachings. Combined with Gawboy’s moving images, his personal storytelling captured the true essence and spirit of the local culture in Nett Lake. Carl Gawboy is a local Minnesota artist with a legend worth of history, creative talent and cultural knowledge. He is very well respected and a visual artist that has made incredible strives in capturing his relatives’ past in the form of art. Supporting more local Minnesota artists is just one way students can support diversity and culture within our state. By going beyond state capital walls and supporting narratives, such as artwork like Carl Gawboy, they  can also learn to be inspired by their very own hometown, seeing the beauty of what our state truly can offer us.

Select this link to take a virtual tour of Carl Gawboy’s murals in the Nett Lake Government Center.

Cherry 4th Graders Celebrate Earth Day

cleanupEarth Day is a day where we celebrate the wonderful planet and environment we live on and in, and on Earth Day this year, some fourth grade students did just that!  They spent their recess time (30 minutes) walking around the school and picking up trash.  And as you can see in the picture below, they did a wonderful job, filling up several bags!

Thank you to the fourth graders for helping to keep the school property (and the environment) clean for all to enjoy!

ISD 2142 Art Students Participate in MSHSL Art Contest

DSC_0078DSC_0079 (1)The 2015 Annual MSHSL Art Contest was April 8th  at Barnum High School. Over 16 schools participated with a record 180 works of art works submitted region-wide. Northwoods entered 18 works from 16 students. Overall students  12 were awarded Superior and 2 Excellent ratings. Northwoods  will be sending “Best of Show” in Sculpture and Ceramics to the State Art Show!! South Ridge entered 17 works from 16 students. Overall receiving 14 Superior and 3 Participation awards! South Ridge will also be sending “Best of Show” in Craft to the State Art Show in May.

The contest is a highlight for visual students. Students spend time looking at other students work and are encouraged, challenged and changed by being together. The visual student always is pushing themselves to work in a world that is overwhelming directed with words. Most of us are moved and enjoy the visual language.  Artists know how to control a composition and create work that can say more than words – it can express feelings, references to history, present options for the future.

Congratulations to all those who participated!


Best of show for craft went to Rebecca Flynn, South Ridge School for her beaded necklace.


Guest art Jonathan Thunder talked with students about his work as a painter and animator – creating an original animation before our eyes. It was great to be together and share our work.


Cherry’s 5th Grade Go Ice Fishing

image3image4image2image1On Friday, February 27th, Mr. Kemp and Mrs. Recht’s 4th grade classes along with Mr. Rossini and Mrs. Lesemann’s 5th grade classes (80 students total) went ice fishing on Long Lake near Eveleth.  It was the first time fishing for many of the students in the two grades, and rods that were handmade by Mr. Rossini’s class were used on the trip. However, despite their best efforts, no fish were caught.

The day was ended with a game of ice kickball as well as the handing out of 60 different prizes, including Remote Control Airplanes, hats, fishing lures, and many more!  Many thanks go the following people/organizations for their donations: Kent Bielejeski/Crossroads Convenience Store, Mike & Sue Mesia, Rod Luoma/Knights of Kaleva, Lowe’s, Advanced Services Inc., L & M Fleet Supply, Cyrus, Tuned Up Customs. The Mesabi Daily News provided coverage for the day, and the teachers would like to send out a thank you to the people there for their services. Thank you to everyone who donated or assisted with this trip.

A link to a You Tube video is below for you to copy and paste into your browser windows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWsXtjHlk90

South Ridge School Art Students Participate in Annual VANS CUSTOM CULTURE

Vans Custom Culture was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design, and to bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Custom Culture is a national high school customization competition using four pairs of blank Vans shoes to be customized around four themes: Art, Music, Action Sports and Local Flavor. South Ridge High School art students have again entered the national competition with resigning four of their most popular shoes. High School Sculpture students worked together to create these amazing shoes. We will know April 24th. Congrats to everyone involved you have made us proud!!!

Veteran’s Day at South Ridge

Student receiving award for winning writing contest.

Student receiving award for winning writing contest.

“Veteran’s Day not only honors those who have served our country in the past, but also those who are serving at the present. Veterans present a true cross-section of our society.They are from all races, creeds, faiths, sexes and ethnic heritages – but all are truly Americans.

During a time of conflict or of peace they have left families, friends and careers to protect our country and way of life. They have left the ‘civilian” segment of the population and have now become a part of the military. Answering this “call of duty” binds them together in a unique way.

I know that some of you will follow this course in your life. I wish you good luck and welcome your joining, whichever branch of service you choose. Hopefully this service will eventually secure what Vets want, and that is peace.” – Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander


The all-school assembly was held on November 11th in the school’s gym. The program began with the South Ridge Community Choir singing the “Star Spangled Banner” followed by a number of speakers, demonstration and explanation of how to fold a flag as well as elementary choir groups singing patriotic songs.  Awards were given to students for their writing and coloring contest submissions from 2013 and 2014. We wish to thank the community for their part in the program as well as all Veteran’s and Auxiliary members who attended the event.  We thank you for your service.

South Ridge Community Choir

South Ridge Community Choir

Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander

Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander

Greta Lindgren, Women's Auxillary

Greta Lindgren, Women’s Auxiliary


Elementary Choir

Elementary Choir

 Student receiving award for writing contest

For the Love of Reading….

Reading-3-225x300This year, we will be working diligently to help our students in Kindergarten through 12th grade improve their reading and comprehension skills. In an effort to encourage our students, we have created a “Reading Inspiration” wall.  When a student has finished reading a book, he / she should write the title of the book, the author, and his / her name and grade on a slip of paper and should turn it in to his / her teacher.  Once a week, the Journalism class will be collecting the papers from the teachers and will be adding the names of students, books, and authors to the wall.  Students’ names will go into a monthly drawing.  It is going to be exciting to see how many color chips we can fill in.  And, when we run out…there are a world of colors waiting to be used.  In fact, we are challenging each of you -whether you are a student, parent, business owner, friend, relative, or leader in our communities-to be a part of this exciting adventure.  Help us encourage and foster a love of reading in our students.  Ask questions about what is being read.  Suggest good books.  Read with your child.  Let’s make this an adventure that inspires us all!



Reading-1-300x225The Northeast Range Journalism  class has been working hard to create this learning incentive.  Thank you to junior Lyric Johnson, for tirelessly striving to get the paint chips “just perfect”! Several local businesses have already joined us in our educational efforts.  We would like to thank the manager and employees at the Virginia Sherwin Williams for their generous donations of paint samples (hundreds of them), so that we could create our “Let Books Color Your Imagination” wall and colorfully design hundreds of bookmarks for reading incentives.  Also, a special “thanks” goes out to the Lossing Building Center, of Babbitt,  for donating additional “paint chip” supplies for bookmarks.  And finally, many thanks to the CEC Cinema 6 Theater in Virginia / Mountain Iron.  Because their staff believes in our educational endeavors, they are committed to donating movie memorabilia-like posters and activity books- as well as larger gifts and books that will be used for achievement incentives.

North Woods First Responders

First-ResponderA number of  North Woods students are now certified first responders!  Each of these students are certified by the state of Minnesota and some of them are even on the Orr Ambulance crew.  These students will begin meeting regularly at school to begin a first responder program that will involve students teaching students how to respond to emergencies.